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We are extremely fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful and prosperous county as Hampshire. However, even here there are pockets of deprivation to be found which are as severe as any of those in the northern cities. Perhaps surprisingly these are not only in parts of Portsmouth and Southampton but also in parts of Andover, Bordon, Aldershot and even Winchester. HIWCF specialises in identifying the areas of greatest deprivation and awarding grants to support the wonderful smaller charities and community groups who work so hard to help local people in need. Over the past ten years, the Foundation has awarded over £7.3 million in grants to these Hampshire based organisations to support them in carrying out their vital work in our community.

HIWCF aim is to make it easy for companies, families or individuals to donate to their preferred local cause in their local area. The foundation ensures that donations are directed where they are most needed to make a real difference to peoples lives.