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Our grant-making programmes are funded by our endowment and flow-through funds donated by local companies, individuals, families, charitable trusts, government agencies and through partnerships. We highlight issues of local importance to our donors and award grants on their behalf.

Due to the high level of applications received, there is rarely sufficient funding to support all of the projects that meet the criteria. The majority of our donors’ support is for small charities and community groups, and the average grant awarded is less than £3,000.

What makes a good application:
  • A low level of reserves (less than 12 months)
  • Value for money (high no. of beneficiaries)
  • Beneficiaries from an area of high deprivation; (see, Hampshire 2015 Deprivation Indices)
  • Disadvantaged or vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Overarching impact on community that is clearly measurable
  • Grant amount is at least 30% or more of overall project costs
  • A clear and detailed budget breakdown
  • More activities done “with” than “to” those involved
  • Volunteer led.
Support Documents
  • Please click here to download notes on ‘How to Apply’ for a grant.
  • Please click here to download ‘Standard Ineligible’ list.
  • Please click here to download ‘FAQ’.
  • Please click here to download ‘Guidance Notes’ for completing the online application form.
  • Please click here for Complaints Procedure.