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Groups awarded a grant are required to report on the impact of their project. Evaluation, impact and monitoring are really important for a number of reasons. When you receive your Grant Award letter we will include the appropriate monitoring form and the date by which it should be returned.

This enables us to learn more about the Impact and benefit of our grants on local communities which, helps us to improve our grant-making, reporting and research.

It also enables us to provide important feedback to our donors and funders on the outcomes that their support has delivered, encouraging them to continue to provide further support.

 Timeframe for Impact Reporting:

  • For most projects, within one month of the end of the period we have funded (usually 12-months).
  • We may also request interim monitoring be completed

As part of our impact measurement, we may request updates on the project’s progress and may also be in touch to schedule a visit with you. We love to see projects in action and we always make sure visits are arranged at a convenient time for all parties involved. End of Grant Monitoring forms: The Monitoring form will usually be sent to you at the time that your grant award was made.  Once you have completed your monitoring form, please return to:  monitoring@hiwcf.com If you have any Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact queries, or require a replacement of the form please contact us at: monitoring@hiwcf.com