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The Portsmouth City Community Fund was established by Portsmouth City Council from a number of charitable trusts. The fund supports a wide range of beneficiaries including young people, older people, health & disability, medical research and general community projects. The fund achieved this through supporting projects run by voluntary groups, providing hardship funds for people in crisis and making awards to organisations specified in its original objects. The criteria below relates to the funds ring fenced for voluntary community group projects.

The priority of these funds are for Portsmouth City residents. There is a small amount available for applications which demonstrate disadvantage and need in the greater Portsmouth area.

Status:   Closed
Opening Date:   3 Jun 2019
Closing Date:   5 Jul 2019
Minimum Grant:   £ 500
Maximum Grant:   £ 5000

Location: Portsmouth
Causes: Multiple Issues & Causes


General Eligibility
  • Registered Charities can apply for up to £5,000
  • Unregistered community/voluntary groups can apply for £500
  • The fund wishes to support 30% or more of a project; therefore no project above £17,000 total cost should be submitted.

Grants available for the following purposes:

  • Safety, including crime and disorder
  • Sustainable neighbourhoods including the environment and housing
  • Prosperity, skills and jobs
  • Lifelong learning including early school years
  • Transport for vulnerable & disadvantaged people
  • Health and healthy living
  • Culture, sports and arts (including a focus on swimming, lifesaving and projects that connect Portsmouth to places overseas – such as twinning projects)
  • Community cohesion including issues of race and disability
  • Supporting groups that support improving the lives of people with limited resources
  • Medical research supporting children with physical or learning disabilities
  • Pre and post care for children with physical or learning disabilities
  • General charitable purposes which align with the Foundations’ ethos of inspiring local giving
Target Beneficiaries

The priority of these funds are for Portsmouth City residents. There is a small amount available for applications which demonstrate disadvantage and need in the greater Portsmouth area.

Acceptable Project Examples
  • Provided they do not fall under statutory provision, priority will be given to:
  • Projects that support the educational development of school aged children and young people
  • Educational attainment projects including lifelong learning,
  • (Including playing chess; and school culture projects which brings Portsmouths children and young people together with its twinning communities)
  • Projects that support older people’s well being and independence in their own home
  • Projects supporting people on limited income over 50’s
  • Medical research into cause, prevention, cure and aftercare of children with a physical or learning disability
  • Relief of and education of mentally or physically disabled children under age 5 who are socially or economically disadvantaged
  • Equipment for schools supporting 12-19yr olds with severe and complex learning difficulties.
  • Organisations NOT based and active in Portsmouth.
  • Public bodies like local authorities or schools (except out of school activities)
  • Organisations that are for the sole benefit or relief of animals or plants
  • Any party political activity
  • Commercial ventures
  • Proselytising activities, i.e. active promotion of a specific religion or belief system
  • National charities
  • For equipment which will actually, or in effect, become the property of a statutory body
  • No capital build or refurbishment.
Other Notes

Funds supporting this programme include:

The Burges Bequest, Denis Connors Memorial Fund, Edward Lawson Fund, Landport Educational Fund, Leon Emmanuel Watch Fund, Phylliss Loe Chess/Sir William Dupree Fund, Portsmouth City Council Fund, Scale Fund, Thomas King Fund, Whitcombe Fund, and the Zurich Insurance Travelling Scholarship Fund.