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Charitable Trusts

As the largest community and voluntary sector grant-makers in Hampshire, HIWCF distributes funds on behalf of a wide range of trusts and foundations which appreciate our knowledge of the voluntary sector, our robust governance, professional funds management, assessment and monitoring of grants, and our evaluation and reporting mechanisms.

With 10 years’ knowledge and experience of grant-making and community development across Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth, HIWCF is uniquely placed to offer trusts and foundations a comprehensive and tailor-made grant-making service.

HIWCF has in-depth experience of merging with, or taking over the management of existing charitable trusts which may have become dormant or ineffective in identifying suitable beneficiaries or attracting new trustees (we have taken over a dozen trusts from Portsmouth City Council worth over £2m), whilst maintaining the original name and charitable objects of the settlor, ensuring adherence to all legal, Charity Commission and accounting requirements.


HIWCF offers a simple way for people to bequest money to the community in which they were born, have lived or worked for many years. There is no other single charity that embraces the whole community.

A gift in your will, of whatever size, will enable HIWCF to help more charities and voluntary groups do what they do well – tackle local problems and care for local people in need. You can be confident that your legacy will continue to support the local community for many years to come – and there are valuable tax benefits.

Your generosity could help us to fund:

  • a lunch club to combat loneliness and isolation amongst older people
  • a programme of social activities for people with learning difficulties
  • a community service for people with mental health problems
  • support for young people with disabilities

A legacy can specify a favourite cause or geographic area, or give HIWCF discretion to determine the most pressing needs. A Named Fund ensures that yours or your family name, or the name of a loved one will live on forever. Those receiving grants from your fund know the source of their award, or you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

Some donors set up a fund in their lifetime, into which their legacy will be directed; and their families can inherit involvement in the direction of that fund. We would be very happy to talk through all the options regarding setting up a legacy with you, or your professional advisers in the strictest confidence.

We have great examples of people who set up Named Funds which show the power of endowment:

A generous philanthropist on the Isle of Wight gave us £45,000 in 2010 to set up an IOW-specific fund. Like a number of our donors, he and his family are very modest so the fund is anonymous. In the intervening years his fund has given grants of £102,118 and today the capital value of the fund stands at £104,154.

Now, he could have made a donation of £45,000 to give out in grants in 2010 which would have been incredibly generous…but there would be nothing left now. Instead his generosity keeps on helping people every year…for ever and ever… that’s the power of Community Foundations.

And anyone who doesn’t “get” why endowment is so important after hearing that example must be a disciple of Groucho Marx who said “Why should I care about the next generation? What have they ever done for me?”