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Applying is done via the Grants page which provides a summary of the funds that HIWCF manages. Click on the Fund name to see the Fund criteria, what causes the donor is supporting, and the requirements that any application needs to meet. If the fund is open a link to the online grant application form can be found on the Fund criteria’s page together with accompanying Guidance notes.

An average grant application process takes 10-12 weeks.

For the majority of our grant programmes, you will be notified within 4-6 weeks of submission. Grants are awarded during April, July, September and November and you will be informed via email of the Grant Panel’s decision. If you have not heard anything, please check your junk/spam inbox.

Yes, you can apply to more than one fund. However, due to high demand, a second application may not make it through to stage two of the application process. Generally, HIWCF does not give more than £5,000 to any one organisation in a year.

Yes, you can apply again provided that the monitoring for your previous grant has been completed.

Online Grant Application

Please check your junk/spam inbox as the registration email can sometimes be marked as spam. If the email has not arrived within 30 minutes, please try entering your email address again. If the email still has not arrived within 30 minutes, please contact online@hiwcf.com for assistance.

Generally, referees are either someone from the local authority, local voluntary services, or another organisation with similar activities and/or aims. Please refer to the Guidance notes and the Fund criteria for specific requirements for referees.

Please check that you have corrected all highlighted validation issues.

Please wait for the form to finish processing. If you are uploading a large document, this may take some time. If the form stays ‘processing’ for longer than 30 minutes, you may wish to reload. Please note that reloading the form will lose any unsaved data.

Any unsaved data cannot be recovered. Please save frequently.

Yes, you can forward the link to your unique online form to others.

We will only need the signed and completed Section B and your latest annual accounts. Please email online@hiwcf.com advising that your documentation was previously submitted.

An automatic email will be sent to you after submission with a PDF copy of your application attached. Please check your junk/spam inbox. If the email does not arrive, please contact online@hiwcf.com.

Please email any amendments to online@hiwcf.com and quote your reference number contained in the same email as the link to your online form.

Please refer to the accompanying Guidance Notes for further details about applying. If you have any other queries, please contact online@hiwcf.com

Grant Application

HIWCF’s assessors may contact you if they have any queries about your application or organisation. Please answer their questions promptly by the assessor’s deadline or your application may not be able to proceed to panel.

Grant award payments are paid directly into your organisation’s bank account shortly after you receive your award letter.

Please check your junk/spam inbox for any communications. If there are none, please contact grantsadmin@hiwcf.com

Please contact grantsadmin@hiwcf.com for any enquiries about your grant application.


Your Monitoring form will be due shortly after the end of project date entered on your application and/or 12 months after the grant was awarded, whichever is sooner, unless otherwise specified.

Full details for what is required for monitoring can be found on the Monitoring form.

Please contact grantsadmin@hiwcf.com with full details about the situation.

Please contact grantsadmin@hiwcf.com for enquiries about your grant monitoring.