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A popular Theme supporting the smaller charities and community groups – priority will be given to groups who support disadvantaged people and who have an annual income of less than £35k. The Theme provides small grants for one off items or small items of expenditure.

All projects should clearly show a local community benefit.

Status:   Closed
Opening Date:   3 Jun 2019
Closing Date:   5 Jul 2019
Minimum Grant:   £ 250
Maximum Grant:   £ 500

Location: Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton
Causes: Equipment, Multiple Issues & Causes, Social Inclusion, Social Outings, Sports & Recreation, Transport, Volunteering


General Eligibility

Who can apply?

  • Local charities and community groups (registered and unregistered)
  • Community clubs such as youth clubs and luncheon clubs
  • Community Interest Communities (for start-up project costs only)
  • Community Interest Organisations


Target Beneficiaries

The fund is “open to all” and will support a diverse range of causes.


Acceptable Project Examples

Provided they do not fall under statutory provision, priority will be given to:

  • To purchase equipment – such as new chairs or a new cooker for a luncheon club; toys for playgroups; camping equipment for guides and scouts; sports equipment for youth clubs
  • Local community events that bring the wider community together
  • Trips and outings to explore the arts, culture and music across the County
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Hall hire for groups that meet regularly during the week
  • The fund is not intended to pay towards salary costs but it will accept requests to pay for coaching fees, a speaker for an event or a training session that includes payment for a skilled trainer
  • To help with start-up equipment for new groups, CICs CIOs
  • To purchase FairShare food



  • Organisations NOT based and active in Hampshire including Portsmouth and Southampton
  • Organisation with unrestricted reserves of more than 12 months running costs
  • Capital building projects
  • Application from individuals
  • Public bodies: local authorities or schools
  • Organisations whose Objects are for the sole benefit or relief of animals or plants
  • National charities
  • Any party political activity
  • Commercial ventures
  • Proselytising activities, ie active promotion of a specific religion or belief system