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The Florence Evelyn Mace Educational Trust Scholarships Trust was established by a bequest from Mrs. Mace, a former head teacher in Fareham, for the advancement of education through the award of scholarships, bursaries or other financial assistance.

Status:   Closed
Opening Date:   1 Jun 2018
Closing Date:   17 Aug 2018
Minimum Grant:   £ 250
Maximum Grant:   £ 400

Location: Hampshire
Causes: Arts & Culture, Education & Training


General Eligibility

  • Awards will be made annually at the direction of the trustees whose decision shall be final
  • Evelyn Mace Scholarships are primarily for students on or due to start a course of Higher Education which includes drama or poetry

Scholarships may also be awarded to students formerly in the care of Hampshire County Council for them to pursue a course of Higher Education in any suitable subject.

Grants are available up to £400 pa – In exceptional circumstances the trustees may award a higher amount


Target Beneficiaries

To support the advancement of education to students 18-25 years, resident in Hampshire, excluding Portsmouth & Southampton. Successful applicants who were formerly in the care of Hampshire CC are currently awarded £400 a year each

Acceptable Projects

  • To facilitate further education, higher education, internships, apprenticeships, employment and some extracurricular activities
  • An offer of a place in education, training or employment should be held


  • Residents NOT based and active in Hampshire
  • Residents of Portsmouth & Southampton